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Jawabu Bora Means Better Solutions and it is the basis the foundation of this Business. 

JBI – Aka Jawabu Bora International, Inc is a complete IT and Supply Chain and Logistics consulting company that serves both local markets within the continental United States and Internationally as well. Currently serving the Kenyan market and soon to extend to the Neighboring countries, especially in East Africa. JBI has a dedicated office in Mombasa and Nairobi with an exhibition warehouse in both cities. JBI has come up with a strategic platform that will encompass all the services in local and international markets effectively, efficiently, and most importantly at a fair pricing methodology that is unbeatable. Our core business is to provide Enterprise solutions for supply chain and Logistics, especially in ERP platforms like SAP and Oracle Finance. We are also providing shipping services within the United States and more so to Kenya as JBI Express which does business as Jawabu Bora International, Inc. JBI is a one-stop platform that allows customers to able to customize what services fit their needs at the time. 

The main operating facility is in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas which is closer to the international DFW International Airport which makes it easier for facilitating our Air Freight cargo way easily. We also do Sea shipping right in Texas as well which is also near to the seaports within Texas. We do local shipping within North America regions based on the client’s needs. 

For our Kenyan (International shippers), we have various ways they can get their consignments to our facility. And one other thing that we uniquely offer is the door to door delivery at no extra cost within Kenya. We have our transportation that ensures a 360 degrees chain of custody. We compromised the idea of an extra shipping charge out of Nairobi and decided that we will be of service to our clients in the best way possible and create a long-lasting business relationship that is based not only on trust and goodwill but also on extra necessary services. We do have an office in Mombasa and Nairobi that are strategically placed to handle all our customer's cargos. We also have our transportation which enables us to have custody of the goods from the shipping point to the end point at the delivery location. In Mombasa, Aptech is our company that handles all our businesses.

Our Helpline and personnel are available 24/7 round the clock to ensure that our customer's experience is worth it. On top of that, we allow the customer to track their shipment right from the point of drop off to final delivery. 



To be the customer's servant and provide personalized services that are way above the norm. We believe in creating a business relationship based on Trust and greater results in the most cost-effective way possible.



Always have the customer's expectations in Mind as they are the lifeblood of our Business. JBI is focused and committed to providing excellent and to highest-level services to our customers. Innovations are the mother of all inventions. JBI embraces new inventions and solutions that will elevate how we do business and as a result put us ahead of our peers. 



Respect and honesty are what drive how we operate our business. 

We treat each business opportunity the same way with a customer-focused mindset.

Teamwork is our core foundation.

Integrity guides our lawfulness to remain compliant.