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  • Email: info@jawabubora.com


You shop we pick: 

In this case, is when a customer is in another state or Kenya and can shop and pay online but wants us to pick the items on their behalf. We can do that in specific cities, especially within Dallas/Fort Worth areas and a few others which a customer must clear with us 1st to make sure they do not have their items stuck somewhere. All major retail shops are available in the area and if in doubt just reach out to us and we will direct you the right way. At the moment we are only picking at Dallas/Fort Worth areas, Arlington, Houston Texas, and Wichita, KS.
Customer logs in and let us know exactly what they ordered in a given shop say Target

  • They notify the retail owners that JBI will pick on their behalf
  • They email us proof of payment and any other confirmation details provided by the retailers
  • JBI picks the items and notifies the customer
  • Customer provides shipping details 
  • JBI repackages the items and makes them ready for shipping.
  • JBI Bills the customer accordingly as per the shipping pricing
  • Customer pays for the shipping and waits for delivery in due time.
  • Transaction is closed once delivery is confirmed.