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Buy And Ship To Our Store

Buy and ship to our warehouse.

Buy and ship to our warehouse in the US then we park and ship to you in Kenya
Customer visits online shops like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, target.com, or any of the websites of their choice and purchases the items they need 
The customer used our warehouse address as the shipping address. They must use the same protocol of ship to/ mark for procedures and make sure they alert us as well
Once we receive the customers, JBI acknowledges receipt of the items and then notifies the customer by providing an invoice 
The customer pays for the invoice amount via Mpesa direct send money or Lipa na Mpesa through the JBI PAYBILL number.
The customer is provided by tracking number and updates on the status of the request
Delivery is done door to door or customers can also have the option of picking up at our designated pick-up points in Kenya or the office.
The transaction is closed once delivery is confirmed.

All the charges will vary based on weight. The fee range will be $12 per kilogram and depending on the dimensions as well. This is a standard charge but under different circumstances, we can endorse a discount if someone is shipping a lot of items.